DailyHunt - a top Mobile News app on all Platforms - helps you stay updated on the news around you. Following are some tips from us, to get the most out of it.

Keep the notifications on, it helps you get notified as and when a hot news breaks out

Recent papers, get a quick tab on the last 5 newspapers you have read from your Recent Read list (Under Explore section)

Live Cricket Scores, open DailyHunt to see Live Cricket scores on top of the page

Special events, be it Elections, National and International Events, open any newspaper to get the latest news around the event

Breaking News, the first news category of most of the newspapers, helps you to scan through the most recent happenings around you

Custom select Categories, select the categories you are interested by selecting it from the Categories list

Please note that, all Categories are not selected by default, since you may not be interested in all

Use Widget, drag it into your home screen to see the breaking news form your last read newspapers, in the Widget without opening the app

But please note that Widget may drain your battery since it keeps listening to the app for the recent updates

Still have questions, feel free to reach us at YourFriends@Dailyhunt.in