It could be because of the settings done in your device. You can change the below settings of your device in order to receive notifications.

Option: 1 Go to Security >> Permission >> Auto start >> Enable Dailyhunt.

(A) Go to Security from Tools/phone settings 

(B). Select Permissions under Security

(C) Select Auto-start

(D) ‘Enable’ Dailyhunt 


Option-2: Go to Settings - Battery

Tap on 'Choose Apps'

Select 'Dailyhunt' App

Select 'Battery Saver' or 'No restrictions'

Option 3: Go to Notifications & Status bar >> App Notifications >> Tap on 'Dailyhunt' App >> Enable 

Tap on 'App Notifications'

Select 'Dailyhunt' and Enable the below options

Option 4: Go to Settings >> Installed Apps >> Tap on 'Dailyhunt' app and enable 'AutoStart'

Option 6: Go to ‘Sync’ from mobile settings.


(A) Select ‘Sync’, if you are using mobile data

      (B) But, if you are using Wi-Fi connection, please select both ‘Sync’ & ‘Wi-Fi only’, & tap on ‘Sync  now’

Mobile Data & Wi-Fi, both should not be selected at the same time.

Even after enabling all the above steps, if you are still not getting notification, please write to us with your app Client ID at

Note: Client ID can be seen in the ABOUT US section under Help