It could be because one or more of the options are either enabled or disabled, owing to conditions.

Step-1 :

(a) Go to Settings >> Apps 

(b) Select "Application List"

(c) Select 'All apps' and tap on 'Dailyhunt'

(d) Select 'Notifications'

(e) Enable "Allow Notification" & "Allow Sound"

(f) Now, from On the lock screen, select "Show all notification content"


(a) Go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Optimization

(b) Select 'All apps' and tap on 'Dailyhunt'

(c) Select 'Don't Optimize'

Even after enabling all the above steps, if you are still not getting the notification, please write to us with your app Client ID at

Note: Client ID can be seen in the ABOUT US section under Help in App Settings