Kindly note that DH Creator is a social media platform just like Facebook or Twitter, that helps you to thrive as an influencer or creator. 

DailyHunt provides you with a healthy ecosystem to grow and mold you as a creator. 

In this journey, there is nothing such as salary or payment. What we promise to offer is a wide reach with large penetration. However, we really appreciate the hard work that is needed for creating genuine and original articles, which we give out in the form of a token of appreciation based on the performance of your content, the quality parameters which solely come under the discretion of the company. 

We will need to monitor the following parameters:

    1)    Count of Content uploaded

    2)    Content Quality

    3)    How our users react to your content.

If you as a creator meets the above parameters, we can consider you and enable the option for you to submit the bank details. Please note that at present we will not be in a position to consider you as a paid creator. 

For any assistance, contact